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We are actively recruiting and placing locums into positions throughout rural Northland and as such welcome enquiries from locums seeking work or just wanting to chat about potential options.

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Current Vacancies

Within Northland we have for full and part time either general practitioners and/or practice nurse locums:

Working as a rural GP or practice nurse locum in Northland can be one of the most rewarding and interesting experiences of your career.

Not only are you working in one of the most beautiful locations in New Zealand, you will find a diverse and interesting patient base of residents and visitors to the region.

Whilst Northland boasts the highest percentage of rural Maori in the country, the cosmopolitan population includes of peoples of New Zealand, European, Asian, South Pacific and Maori descent. With this diversity come a variety of ailments, morbidities and complaints that are seldom seen in other parts of the world.

Our locums express delight in “wondering what is going to present next” as an attractive and exciting part of their working day.

There are strong collegial bonds throughout our rural practices and our GPs work closely with one another across their regions and unlike urban areas, enjoy cordial and easy access to specialist consultants if and when required.