Request a locum

Practice requesting locum placement cover –  process

Complete the ‘Request a Locum’ form by clicking on the button below, with all the required information. Note that the more information you can provide will help us to find the right person to fit your practice.

Once submitted, the Rural Locums team will process your request and will be in touch within 48 hours or as practicably possible.
A short term placement is for duration of up to 3 months.
A long term placement/permanent vacancy is for a duration of over 3 months and is a replacement for a locum who has left the practice.

Whether you’re requiring planned locum cover or have an urgent need, we are here to assist.

We will work with the practice to ensure that every endeavour for a placement can be found. It is not guaranteed that there will always be a placement available for any vacancy of any duration.

The database is being constantly updated  to ensure that requests for locum cover are responded to.

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The current session rates paid by the practice for a locum GP are:

Session Rate Requirements
$400 + GST Locum requiring supervision
$450 + GST Locum vocationally registered
$500 + GST Locum fellow of the RNZGP College