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New Zealand

Working in New Zealand is a dream come true for many people. Once you discover the peace and tranquillity of the rural areas of New Zealand you will appreciate why. The opportunities to lead a lifestyle that is the envy of many people awaits you in rural New Zealand.

The pace of life is relaxing and the people are friendly. With no traffic to fight through every day and fishing, tramping or swimming at a beautiful beach right on your doorstep, working in New Zealand offers a whole new perspective on life and lifestyle.

To help you to gain employment working as a locum in Northland, New Zealand, here is a list of links to relevant useful information:

New Zealand Immigration

The Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ)

MCNZ, Get Registered page

NZNO, New Zealand Nurses Organisation professional development page

Medical Protection Society, for professional indemnity and expert advice 

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As a GP/practice nurse locum working in Northland New Zealand, you are in the birthplace of our nation and the gateway to the country’s most beautiful swimming beaches and marvellous range of outdoor activities which includes sailing, diving, fishing, hiking, cycling, golf and hiking. paradise.

Rural Locums Northland work with all Northland rural general practices and offer a range of exciting GP/PN locum positions available across the Northland region of New Zealand. We are well positioned to provide our locums with comprehensive ongoing support throughout the placement process.

Working with general practices in our region, we take a holistic approach to locum recruitment and placement. We will pair your medical skills and your professional and personal needs with the best medical practice placement opportunities.

We have a range of exciting positions available in general practice settings across Northland, New Zealand. We can help whether you are seeking a short term, long term or permanent position in a small, medium or large practice we have the jobs available now.

Part of our promise is to listen to your personal and professional needs and actively work with you to find the right position with the right practice in the right location.

Explore the possibilities of short term, long term or permanent GP/practice nurse locum placement that is ideal for you, register with Rural Locums Northland NOW!

The Health and Safety At Work Act 2015

The legislation requires persons conducting a business unit (PCBU); such as independent contractor (self employed) locums, practice owners, directors and managers to understand workplace risks and have processes in place to keep their workers and anyone else who comes into the practice, safe.

This act affects everyone!

However, the responsibility is shared with the onus for individual safety also falling on workers and customers who are likewise required to take reasonable care of their own safety and monitor their working environment.  The legislation requires management to seek workers’ views and engagement on health and safety issues.  You cannot contract out of your duties or responsibilities to a third party.

Under the Act, an independent contractor locum would be considered a PCBU and therefore they need to consider their obligations and duties under the new legislation.

As an independent contractor your responsibilities are reduced, however you are still accountable for keeping yourself safe at work.

Worksafe New Zealand

Worksafe New Zealand – Work Safe New Zealand website provides information, tips sheets and tools